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Human Resources-Who To Call-Revised-11.15.17

 Human Resources “Who To Call”
12 Month Option Form Your School Bookkeeper
401 K Plan Gretchen Adair 910.678.2640
Address Change – Form on HR web site and Intranet Kristen White 910.678.2334
Annuities, Tax Sheltered Gretchen Adair 910.678.2640
Applications – Certified – Changes & Information Cynthia Ringler 910.678.2320
Applications – Classified Cynthia Ringler 910.678.2320
Applications – Substitutes Robbyn Gerald 910.678.2632
Background Check Stephen Rogers 910.678.2345
Beginning Teacher Training/SUCCESS I & II Tina Chapman 910.678.8734
Benefits:  Dental/Vision Pam Edge 910.678.2321
Beneficiary Change – Life & Retirement Laura Young 910.678.2335
Health/Life/Cancer Insurance Pam Edge 910.678.2321
Bus Driver Exams Transportation 910.678.2581
Cafeteria Plan (Pre-Tax deductions) Pam Edge 910.678.2321
Cancer Policy Pam Edge 910.678.2321
Certified Employee Issues – K-12th Tonya Page
Lillian McDavid, Ed.D
CEU Credits Jennifer Pons
Amanda Black
Classified Employee Issues Sharon President 910.678.2328
Contracts Sandra Doss 910.678.2319
Credit Union Deductions Kristen White 910.678.2334
Death Benefits Gretchen Adair 910.678.2640
Dental Insurance Pam Edge 910.678.2321
Disability (Short & Long Term) Laura Young
Gretchen Adair
Dismissal/Nonrenewal Ruben Reyes 910.678.2629
Educational Leave Bobbi Jo Pova  910.678.2310
Effective Teacher Training Fayetteville Tech 910.678.8309
Employment Verification Kristen White 910.678.2334
Evaluation Forms Jo-Ann Tumilty 910.678.2306
Evaluation Information Tonya Page 910.678.2329
Family-Medical Leave Act Laura Young 910.678.2335
FAX, Human Resources   910.678.2344
Fax Confirmation Front Desk 910.678.2629
Field Experience and Student Teaching Lillian McDavid, Ed.D
Kimberly McLaurin
Garnishments Kristen White 910.678.2334
Health Insurance Pam Edge 910.678.2321
High School Transcripts Central Records 910.678.2501
Initial Licensure Program Tina Chapman
Deborah Haigler
Lateral Entry Jennifer Pons
Amanda Black
Licensure Jennifer Pons
Amanda Black
Licensure Renewal Jennifer Pons
Amanda Black
Lost Wages Kristen White 910.678.2334
Maternity/Medical Leave Laura Young 910.678.2335
Medical Leave of Absence Laura Young 910.675.2335
Mentor Pay/Training Kari Grates 910.678.8734
MetLife Insurance Pam Edge 910.678.2321
Name Change Kristen White 910.678.2334
National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Dr. Theresa Perry 910.678.8734
N.C.4 Changes (Tax Deductions) Salary Analyst for your school
New Teacher Orientation Kari Grates 910.678.8734
New Teacher Orientation Pay Kari Grates
Deborah Haigler
Personnel Policies Ruben Reyes 910.678.2310
Personnel Files Stephen Rogers 910.678.2345
Physical Forms Sandra Doss 910.678.2319
PRAXIS/NTE Jennifer Pons
Amanda Black
Property Damage Henry Smith 910.678.2338
Receptionist Human Resources 910.678.2629
Renewal Credits Jennifer Pons
Amanda Black
Reserve Teachers Kimberly McLaurin 910.678.2322
Resignations/Position Changes – Certified Personnel Bobbi Jo Pova 910.678.2310
Resignations/Position Changes- Classified Personnel Jo-Ann Tumilty 910.678.2306
Retirement Gretchen Adair 910.678.2640
Retirement Contributions Refund Kristen White 910.678.2334
Salary Salary Analyst for your school  
Shared Leave Laura Young 910.678.2335
Sign-up for Employment/Appointments Sandra Doss 910.678.2319
Staff Development Credit Approval Dr. Theresa Perry 910.678.2536
Staff Development Rosters Dr. Theresa Perry 910.678.2536
Staff Development Sign-up Dr. Theresa Perry 910.678.2536
Student Accident Insurance Information Henry Smith 910.678.2338
Student Accidents/Reports Laura Young 910.678.2335
Substitute Payroll Payroll 910.678.2360
Substitutes – Changes of address/name/phone Robbyn Gerald 910.678.2632
SUCCESS I & II/Beginning Teacher Training Kari Grates 910.678.2534
Supplement Salary Analyst for your school  
T.A.B.E. Test of Adult Basic Efficiency Dr. Glenda Lambert 910.678.7395
Telephone Change – Form on Intranet Kristen White 910.678.2334
Tenure Salary Analyst for your school  
Title IX Sharon President 910.678.2306
Twelve-Month Option Pay Salary Analyst for your school  
Unemployment Insurance Henry Smith 910.678.2338
Utility Waiver Program Bobbi Jo Pova 910.678-2310
Vacancies – Certified (to post them) Bobbi Jo Pova 910.678.2310
Vacancies – Classified (to post them) Jo-Ann Tumilty 910.678.2306
Vehicle Accidents Henry Smith 910.678.2338
Visitor Injuries Henry Smith 910.678.2338
W.2 Inquiries Payroll 910.678.2360
W.4 Changes (Tax Deductions) Salary Analyst for your school  
Workers’ Comp Claims Henry Smith 910.678.2338
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