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We know that you could have chosen many other places in which to begin your career so, how does Cumberland County Support New Teachers? Because we want our teachers to be successful in the classroom, we have designed the SUCCESS (Success Unlimited with Cumberland County’s Entry Support System) Program. Success Unlimited with Cumberland County’s Entry Support System. Cumberland County Schools believes that every teacher new to the profession deserves an opportunity for a successful start. The SUCCESS Program is designed to provide support during the certification process. All initially licensed teachers with less than three years of teaching experience are enrolled in SUCCESS, an induction program organized to assist teachers new to the profession as they develop decision-making skills for improving student learning.



  • To assist the new teacher in developing decision-making skills through staff development sessions related to effective instruction thereby improving student achievement.

  • To establish a collaborative professional team responsible for providing assistance and support. This team consists of a mentor, a lead contact and administrator at the school level, the ILT Coordinator, Mentor Facilitator and Central Services Personnel.

  • To provide emotional support through SUCCESS sessions at the system level and one-on-one meetings with a mentor/team at the school level.

  • To increase career commitment through retention of initially licensed teachers.

  • To assist teachers in meeting state-mandated requirements related to induction and certification.

  • To transmit the culture of the school and system through staff development sessions.

  • To encourage continual professional growth.

There are several components of the SUCCESS program to assist you in your first three years of teaching:

Mentor Assignment:
A mentor will be assigned to you early in the school year. At the elementary level, this will be another teacher at the school. At the middle and high schools, this will be a retired teacher assigned to work with all first-year teachers at the school, and another teacher at the school will mentor 2nd and 3rd-year teachers. You will continue to have a mentor for your first three years. *The state pays for mentors in your first two years.

The state funds additional pre-employment workdays for first-year teachers’ orientation.

You will be observed at least three times by a qualified school administrator and at least once by a teacher. Systematic observations can ensure continued growth and success.

The New Teacher Coordinator will visit you to address individual questions you may have. The Mentor Facilitator will visit to make certain the mentors are assisting you. Upon the principal’s request, a retired teacher can be assigned to work with you one to one for a period of up to two weeks.

Our local school supply store, School Tools, provides a $10.00 gift certificate for each of our first-year teachers. Grant funds have allowed us to have a “New Teacher Toolbox” from which all first-year teachers can select ten free additional classroom items.  As you enter the exciting profession of teaching, you will begin a journey that impacts the 54,501 children of our county who are the future of our community. The Cumberland County School System wants to assist you in becoming “a life-long learner”, and to develop into a successful teacher through our new teacher support system and professional development. We are here to help you be a SUCCESS in the career of teaching.

For further information, please visit our Beginning Teacher  Support Web Page.

Published by Bobbi Jo Pova on February 20, 2018

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