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Clerical Application Instructions

Printer Friendly Clerical Application Instructions

1. Website: NC TeacherMatch (Only use Google Chrome as Browser).

2. Sign in page: If you have not created an account click sign up.


b. Use your Legal Name (No Nicknames). This could create issues with receiving pay on time.

3. Set Preferences: If not set correctly you will not see all jobs

a. Geography: Make sure Rural is at least checked

b. Type: Choose at least PUBLIC

c. Regions: Choose at least SOUTH

d. Keywords: Leave blank – this restricts some jobs from showing

e. Profile Sharing: Choose, “I agree to share…”, otherwise no one from CCS Admin. is able to view your application for hiring)


4. Dashboard: This is your main page of the application- a starting point.

a. Personal Planning:

  • Complete PORTFOLIO (click arrows next to complete now)

1. Personal Information: Complete all areas with an asterisk (*)

2. Academics: click +Add School (enter at least high school)

a. Possible issues:

  • Enter the information in the order listed on the screen
  • If you do not see your school select My School is Not listed
  • Enter your information, then select SAVE SELECTION
  • Repeat is needed

5. Credentials: Answer all information with an asterisk (*)

a. Certification/Licensure:

  • If you do not hold a teachers license, you will click Add +, then under Certification/Licensure Status, select DON’T HAVE ANY CERTIFICATIONS and then save section. You cannot skip this-it won’t allow you to
    advance to next screen
  • If you Do have certifications/licensure: you will enter information for all of the fields that have an asterisk (*)

NOTE: Under Certification URL, enter NCDPI if you are a licensed teacher

6. References: Must enter 3 or it won’t work

  • Emails are required for references
  • If your reference does not have an email address use: (example: Their name is John Doe do the email will be

7. Video Links: OPTIONAL/Do not Need-you can skip this. It’s used for Teachers.

8. Additional Documents: OPTIONAL/Add documents such as DD-214, Recommendations.

9. Experiences

a. Resume: Upload a resume. (This is what schools see about you)

b. Employment History: add employment history by selecting +Add employment.

1. Position: Select area that applies, otherwise select other work experience

2. Type of role: Select General Member is not a supervisor.

  • Repeat if needed

c. Involvement/Volunteer Work: OPTIONAL

d. Honors: OPTIONAL

10. Affidavit: Review – then select the box for confirm, then click Complete. Sometimes the screen takes you back to the HR page. You should receive an auto-generated e-mail saying your app is complete. Check your SPAM folder- it will look like, NO REPLY…NO REPLY in subject area.

11. You will need to return to the Dashboard– look at the tabs at the top of the toolbar.

Now that your application is complete you will now need to attach it to some jobs

1. Jobs of Interest: (Attaching an application to a job or category) From the Dashboard-Select SEE ALL in the bottom right-hand side section.

a. District: Type in Cumberland County

b. Under School:

  • For Occupational or Physical Therapists and Assistants, you can attach your application to the Open Recruitment folder- type in Human Resources. (Open Recruitment folders are created for large volume application such as Bus, custodian. TA’s. ) Look for OT, PT, OT-A, or PT-A folders to apply to.

c. Click search

d. Find appropriate Open Recruitment folder position, click Apply now (paper and pen icon on the same line)

e. The job posting will appear, click APPLY

f. COVER LETTER: Select yes or no. This is completely up to you. DO NOT SELECT I AM CURRENTLY AN EMPLOYEE OF THIS DISTRICT as this will not give HR an entire application for you.

  • Social Security number field is optional; however, is requested for verification, eligibility and identifying applicants and omission of the SS# can delay the processing of your application.
  • Confirm all information and complete all information with an asterisk (*), then click SAVE & CONTINUE
  • NOTE: at this time if there is missing information on your application a box will appear with the information that needs to be corrected.

g. Mandatory Declarations:

  • Answer all questions
  • If you select yes, an explanation is required.

h. Affidavit: Confirmation that all info entered is truthful

  • Review, then confirm, then click Continue

2. This process will be completed for all positions that are applied for. An auto-generated email will be sent to you confirming you have successfully applied.

Additional Info on Applying to Positions:

  1. Applying to advertised jobs within CCS is a 2 part process after you create your application- applying the application to the specific job, and submitting paperwork to HR office.
  2. New Applicants: To apply for advertised Clerk/Custodian you must turn in to HR office a completed background form, resume’, and letter of interest that includes the job title and location.
  3. New Applicants: To apply to advertised Certified/Licensed jobs HR must have your official transcripts (copies of official transcripts will be accepted as long as they are clear and legible), a copy of your teaching license, resume’, and completed background form.

Submitting Transcripts to HR

  1. There are a few different ways to submit your transcripts or License documentation to HR.
  2. You can e-mail them directly to
  3. Upload them to your Teacher Match application, and then notify me via e-mail.
  4. Ask your college/University to mail them to P.O. Box 2357, Highway 301 South, Fayetteville, NC, 28302
  5. Ask your college/university to send transcripts by direct e-mail link to
  6. Hand carry them to HR


Application Specialist  at CCS/HR

Cynthia Ringler


Published by Bobbi Jo Pova on June 19, 2019

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